“Doom” sequel to hit theaters in 2018 title “The Dark Tower” sequel will hit theaters, director Nikolaj Arcel says


After the success of his 2015 film “The Gunslinger,” director Nikolai Arcel is getting ready to do it all again with a new epic fantasy sequel that will hit the theaters in 2019.

The film will follow a group of survivors trapped in a mountain-sized tower that was built by the gods in a way that it will destroy them when they come face-to-face with it, which is the plan that Arcel told Entertainment Weekly.

“And then we’ll see if they can do it in 2020, but I am very excited.””

So I think there will be two movies in 2019,” Arcel said.

“And then we’ll see if they can do it in 2020, but I am very excited.”

The first movie, titled “The Tower,” is set in a dystopian future where humans have built the tallest and most technologically advanced tower in the world.

It’s about a group who are trapped in the tower, trapped there in the form of their bodies.

It is set on a planet that has been destroyed by an alien warlord named Doom, who plans to use the tower to conquer the world and then to make himself king.

The Tower will be the sequel to Arcel’s 2015 sci-fi epic, “The Siege,” which starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Anne Hathaway, who played the lead roles.

That film had a budget of $150 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter, but the film was later shot and made into a $125 million film called “The Avengers” that was a big hit.

In 2019, Arcel will return with “The Black Hole,” about a scientist named Alex Tse who is being hunted by the mysterious “Black Hole,” which is a creature that can bend space-time.

“He is an extremely dangerous creature,” Arcela said.

The Black Hole is also known as the “Dinosaur,” and it is an intelligent and highly intelligent creature.

The Black Holes body is made of a material that is extremely durable, so that it can survive for thousands of years.

“It’s really a very hard material, so it’s very, very, hard for us to make,” Arcesl said.

He said that his team has worked on the creature’s creation for over 30 years.

Arcel said he is also looking to do a third movie that will be set in the Tower.

“In my view, the Tower is the ultimate metaphor for the world, and it’s also a metaphor for human nature, because we are all born with a certain kind of potential,” he said.

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