Which ironing boards should you buy?

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I can’t think of a better solution to an ironing problem than the Ironing Board Cover (IBFC).

It’s a quick and cheap solution to get rid of old, dull, unsightly ironing strips. 

Its easy to make, relatively cheap, and can be bought from most hardware stores.

It’s also easy to keep the ironing surface shiny with no extra effort.

Its also one of the most durable options. 

The problem is, there are several ironing products out there that will help you get rid that dull ironing strip, but there are also others that will not.

Here are the best ironing brands to buy from and how to choose the best for you. 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do some research about the best products to use on a dull, unwashed ironing.

I decided to go with the popular brand Ironing Board Co. (I know, I know, they are a little expensive). 

After purchasing their product and watching some of the reviews, I realized that the ironers I used in the past had not been made with this high quality product. 

I am not sure why this is.

Maybe the price tag of the iron was a little too high for me.

Maybe I just wasn’t interested in it, but it did not have the longevity or longevity durability I was looking for. 

To test this theory, I tried two ironing ironers from Iron Board Co., and the results were surprising. 

They both worked for me, and the one I ended up using lasted longer than the other one.

The longer lasting one I used lasted for a total of seven days and four nights. 

Ironboard Co. ironing sheet (left) and ironing pad (right). 

While the other ironing sheets had an average life of six days, IronBoard Co. lasted nine days and one night. 

This is the best ironing sheet that I have used. 

 The ironing pads are also very durable.

 I used the ironboards for two days on a dark, wet and damp day.

The ironing on the other day was dry and rainy.

I also tested the ironboard on the dry, wet, and damp days and they both worked as advertised. 

While I do not recommend that you try Iron Board Co.’s products, they work well for me and I am impressed with their longevity. 

But before I get into the results of the tests, I wanted to share with you a few things that I found to be the most important tips and tricks for getting rid of that dull, dull iron on your ironing surfaces. 


The most important tip: Make sure you are not using any kind of glue or any kind to stick it on the surface of the fabric. 


Use a long iron, not a short one. 


Use a towel to apply a coat of the coatings on your surface. 


Use one piece of cloth or a plastic sheet for the fabric you want to use as the iron. 


Do not use any kind or size of ironing towel or fabric to use. 


Never glue or glue-stick anything on your fabric.


When you want something to adhere to your iron, use a piece of foil.


If you are using fabric that has a high surface area and high density, like the cotton you will find in a cotton shirt or jacket, it is better to use the same type of fabric for all the ironings. 


Keep your iron on a damp, dark, and humid day. 


Always keep your iron in your ironer. 


Be sure to keep your towel clean and dry after each ironing, or else it can end up in your purse. 


After a night of ironning, you can use your towel to wipe it off the iron, so it doesn’t absorb the oil on the iron itself.


Have fun and have a great day!

ironing board cover

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