Why you should play Arizona Medical Board games


A medical board game is a game in which a player plays as an imaginary patient who suffers from a specific condition.

Illini gamers will recognise the title from the games featured in the hospital at the centre of the recent #DreamBoard movement.

The game, released by the Arizona Medical Association (AMA) last year, is the brainchild of Dr Matthew Fishel, a physician and gamer.

Illini Gaming Board is an interactive educational board game that encourages patient engagement, and encourages participants to share their story and emotions.

The goal of the game is to help patients understand the effects of their condition.

The game has been designed by a team of students and researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The team, which includes PhD student Daniel Sperling, graduate students James Fries, and Emily Mays, and former AMA member Matt Fisher, have been working on the project since March.

The team had previously developed a similar game in 2016 for the AMA’s board game tournament, and have now launched the DreamBoard to showcase their game to the AMA.

The DreamBoard was designed to help players empathise with a patient and to explore the psychological impact of their illness.

The group’s intention is to provide a therapeutic environment where patients can interact with each other, with the aim of building a better understanding of their illnesses and providing an opportunity to engage in a game of compassion.

“DreamBoard is a wonderful game that provides an exciting and empowering experience for players, as well as a chance to explore their emotional experiences through games and social media,” Dr Fishers said.

“The game will be a great opportunity for our community to engage with patients and the community and share their thoughts and feelings about their illness.”

The Dream Board is available now at the AMA board game shop.

Dr Fishell said the group hopes to develop a version of the board game to be available to AMA members at the medical board’s annual conference in July, as part of the AMA DreamBoard Games Festival.

DreamBoard: The Arizona Medical Boards Game is available on Google Play and other game stores.

The AMA’s Board Game Festival is a series of events taking place across the United States in July.

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