When it comes to boarding school, ‘It’s the perfect way to make your money’


In 2017, the US Department of Education released a report titled “What You Need to Know About Education in America.”

The report noted that “a growing number of parents are finding that boarding school is a great way to provide their children with the opportunity to earn money and develop a strong foundation for life.” 

The report notes that parents may not necessarily be aware of the cost of boarding schools or the risks involved.

“As you’ll see in the following paragraphs, there are many issues that parents are not aware of and are paying for, including boarding school fees and tuition, boardings and transportation, and other costs,” the report stated. 

“What You Should Know About School Fees”The Department of Justice found that, on average, parents paid $10,000 for boarding school in the US.

That is $3,500 per child.

The report further stated that, “most of these expenses are incurred by parents who are not making full-time income, or who have only part-time jobs.” 

“It’s Not Easy to Get to the Bottom of School Fees,” The Washington Post explained, pointing out that the report found that “only 12% of parents have access to the financial resources they need to find a school they are happy with.” 

This is a common sentiment, as many parents have difficulty finding boarding schools. 

However, not everyone who decides to go to boarding schools will make it to the top of the totem pole. 

The majority of those who decide to go for boarding schools do not pay the fees. 

This has created an issue in many states, where parents are required to provide documentation to their local school district to ensure that the students who go to the boarding school are eligible for financial aid. 

In addition, many states require that students be placed on a waiting list, in which case they have to wait to receive their tuition. 

There is also the matter of “chasing the good money,” where the cost for a boarding school can be higher than the cost to attend an urban charter school. 

For example, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average cost of charter schools is $30,000, but a typical private boarding school costs $10-12,000. 

Some parents are even getting the short end of the stick. 

One mom told The Daily Beast that she is one of the lucky ones. 

When asked if she thought it was worth it, the mother replied, “I think it’s worth it for my kids, but it’s not worth it to me because I’m making a lot of money, too.” 

If you want to see what the average boarding school fee is in your state, the state tuition calculator is available on the Department of State website. 

Additionally, there are websites for states like Alabama and Tennessee, which require parents to provide proof of financial need. 

Finally, some states have taken matters into their own hands, like Alabama, where students have to submit financial documents, like a credit report, to prove that they are not living on student loans. 

 However that does not mean that all parents have to do everything on their own. 

If the cost is too much, the Department of Education will help parents get a refund of their tuition, and some states will even offer scholarships to those who make a financial difference. 

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