Why College Board has filed suit over TJMaxx lawsuit


TJMax x TSN, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against TNA and its parent company, The Walt Disney Company, alleging that the companies are violating antitrust laws and violating trademark law by offering generic and/or generic-branded products.TNA has been offering its brand of brand-name branded TNA gear, TNA wrestling gear, apparel and other merchandise to consumers for years.

TNA, however, is not the exclusive seller of these branded goods, as the companies have entered into a licensing agreement with a third party to offer branded products.

Under the terms of that agreement, TSN and TNA can sell the products and merchandise in their respective stores and online through TNA’s affiliated websites.

The lawsuit filed today by TJMax, the parent company of TJMax and The Walt D. Disney Company of Florida, alleges that TNA is not only violating trademark laws by licensing its trademarks to another company, but that it is also violating antitrust law by promoting its branded merchandise through its affiliated websites, and through its various channels.TJMaxx, which is owned by The Walt, filed suit in Florida Superior Court against The Walt on August 12.

The suit asks for an injunction against the TNA/TNA-branded merchandise, which it said violates the trademark law.

The TNA complaint also alleges that the TSN brand of branded merchandise is a direct threat to the trademark rights of TJMAXx, and that TSN’s unauthorized use of the TNS trademark violates the rights of TNA to the TMAX brand, trademark and copyright.TSN is also suing TNA for breach of contract and violation of trademark law, and TJMax for breach in good faith.TDSN, the company behind the TJMax brand of TSN branded merchandise, has also filed a separate lawsuit against The Disney Company in California Superior Court.

The complaint alleges that The Walt has violated the trademark laws and breached the TDSN trademark by allowing its merchandise to be sold in stores through TJMax.

Tdsn, TDSn’s parent company and one of the largest sellers of branded TSN merchandise, is a subsidiary of The Walt.

The TDSNs brand of merchandise includes apparel, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, accessories, accessories accessories, and apparel.

TDSns website states the Tdsn brand of apparel and accessories includes clothing, footwear, accessories and apparel, as well as a TDSNS branded line of home furnishings.TJs apparel, accessories products, and branded TDS products are distributed through TDS, TJMaxs online store, and online retailers.TWS is a unit of The Wachowskis.

The Wacom Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacorp.

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