New Jersey’s newest e-commerce startup, Emery Board, is a glass cutting tool company with an e-tailer-like model.


Posted by Mark Campbell on November 08, 2017 09:47:06Emery Board was created by four business owners who all have a passion for e-sales.

The three founders are Daniel and Nicole Mazzucato, who are both graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Daniel Mazzuccato is the former VP of marketing at Amazon and the co-founder and president of E-Commerce at Emery.

He worked on e-marketing for a year and a half before joining the company.

He has a background in e-business and marketing, having worked for clients such as Dell, Cisco, and Walmart.

Nicole Mazzuca is the founder and COO of Emery, and also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Boston College.

She’s the cofounder and CEO of e-Commerce company EmeryBiz, which focuses on providing tools to consumers for ecommerce.

She has over 15 years of experience in ecommerce, including more than 20 years in the retail industry.

Both the founders are avid carders, and have used them to sell their own businesses.

Daniel has been selling cards at his local card shop for about 10 years, while Nicole has been running a card shop in her garage for a few years.

Their first product was a glass cutter, and they have since expanded their business to include cutting boards.

While the company’s website says it is based in Massachusetts, it is headquartered in San Diego, California.

It’s been around for just over three years, and Daniel and his family have been buying and selling e-cards for the past year.

The company sells them through a platform called EmeryBoard, which empowers customers to buy and sell cards on Amazon.

It is currently available in New Jersey, Florida, and Texas.

Daniel says he was drawn to e-card sales by the promise of the e-payment option and the ease with which people could make purchases on Amazon and then use their card to buy their way out of a purchase.

He’s been making e-book sales for more than a year now, and has recently been looking to expand into e-books.

His first foray into this space was with the introduction of his own ebook.

The first of these was a book on the history of the United States, which was an Amazon favorite.

He decided to make a physical copy, but it wasn’t until he met with Nicole that he decided to sell the ebook as an ebook.

He says that he had no idea how much he would make selling an ebook, but that he was pleasantly surprised at how well it sold.

Nicoles father, George, is the managing director of EmoryBoard and she says that she’s always been interested in how e-gifts work.

She says that the business has always been about getting people excited about their gift.

They sell a wide variety of products that range from e-mail cards to digital gift cards.

She adds that Emery is a business that is built on trust and honesty, which has helped them grow to over a million customers.

The founders hope to grow that to more than 100,000 by the end of the year.

They have also created a dedicated e-support team that can answer any questions customers have about their cards, cards that are not in stock, and their cards that have been out of stock.

They hope that the ecommerce market can help to bridge the gap between those who want to buy e-chips and those who just want to pay a gift card.

They say that the growth in the egift market will help to fill the gap, and that people will want to keep buying cards in the future.

Emery has recently expanded to include selling cards in physical stores, but says that they will continue to expand to the online marketplace as well.

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