How to get your first job


It’s been three months since the presidential election, and the unemployment rate is currently at 5.5 percent, according to the Labor Department.

While many Americans are looking for work, there are still too many Americans who are not getting it.

And that could be the root of the crisis that has gripped our nation, says Joe Nocera, a former Obama administration economic adviser who now teaches at the University of Maryland.

“The number of Americans who don’t have jobs is the number that’s growing the fastest.

And it’s getting bigger,” Noceria says.

“It’s a growing problem because we’re not doing anything to help the people that we need to help.”

Here are three steps you can take to help fix this problem: 1.

Make a list of jobs you need to fill.

“There’s a lot of job postings that people make and they’re looking for the same job,” Nuceria says, “but they’re not necessarily hiring.

And we’re losing the good jobs that are available.

And so I think we’re going to need to create a list.”


Do some research.

“So, there’s a whole lot of information out there on job search sites, but there’s also a lot that’s not very good,” Naceria says of his recommendations.

“We’ve got to do a lot more research.”

“I think it’s important that people know what they’re getting into,” he says.


Find a way to keep going.

“If you’re just trying to keep up, it’s hard,” Nanceria says about keeping up with the job seekers who are looking.

“You know, you can look on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever it is.

But you need someone to go out there and actually say, ‘Here’s what I want you to do.'”

If you’re still struggling, consider a “self-directed” job search.

Nocario says this can be a good way to get more work and keep your job search going.

For example, a self-directed job search can be used to find the right people to work with.

“They can be people that you would normally not be able to reach,” Nasceria says; they can also be people who are “a little more experienced and they might be more receptive to a challenge,” he adds.

“And then it can be, for example, you could say, I’m looking for someone that can be the lead of a digital team.

So that person could come in and really help with the team.”


Keep your options open.

Nuceries advice for finding a new job: “I’d definitely look at a different position than what I have now.

You know, maybe I’m a marketing manager and I’m not the lead or something, and I want to be in marketing.

So, if you can think of something different, that’s great,” Nceria says with a laugh.

“But I think it can also help you to get to the other side of the coin.

So if you’re looking at a higher-paying job, you might be able take a look at something like a social media position, or you could go into the office and talk to a salesperson.

If you can find something that is more flexible, that will allow you to have a better shot at finding a better job.”


Do a resume search.

“People need to know who they are and where they come from,” Nunceria says when asked how he would advise his fellow Americans looking for a new career.

“Now, you’ve got a lot on your resume, but it’s all going to be a guess.”

Nocers recommends using a resume.

“Because the best resume is the one that says you’re from this city and you’re doing this, and you’ve done this, you know, a couple of times,” he explains.

“That way, you’re going out and showing people you’re actually from here and you actually have some knowledge of this city.

You’re not just trying out, ‘Oh, I went to the best school in the state.’

You know what I mean?”

He adds that he also recommends that employers look at your social media accounts.

“Some of the people on Twitter, I think they’re just making a mockery out of themselves,” Nnarceria says as he laughs.

“These people, they’re probably not really thinking about anything.”

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