Illinois gaming boards board game: ‘There’s a lot of fun in it’


Illinois gaming board game The Illini is set to release its first wave of board games on April 30, 2018. 

The board game will feature five game modes: Capture the Flag, Scramble, Rally, Capture the City, and Capture the Swamp.

The boardgame is based on the Illinois Board Game (IBG), a board game that was created by the Chicago Board Game Company.

“The Illini board game is our attempt to capture the excitement and the excitement of a classic board game and the players will have the opportunity to play and win the board game they’ve been waiting for,” said game designer Jeff Suter in a press release.

Players will be able to play The Illinis board game at multiple locations in the state, including Chicago, Rockford, and Lake Zurich.

The Illinis Board Game was created in collaboration with Chicago Board Games, a small Illinois company that specializes in creating board games for children. 

Chicago Board Games’ CEO, Dan Wojnar, said that the Illini Board Game is the first of its kind.

“There are so many board games out there, but none of them are really a game, they’re a toy,” he said.

Wojnar said that The Illinas board game was created with the Illinois Gaming Board Game Designers Association (IGBCDA) in mind.

IGBCDAs mission is to encourage and support independent, locally produced board games. 

“We are thrilled that Illinois gaming boards are going to be the first in the country to get a chance to play with the Illinis new board game,” said IGBCDA President Mark Mauer. 

 The Illinos board game is expected to be available at the following locations: Pantheon Mall, 1545 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60611 (at the front of the mall) Chicago Board Game Center, 449 N. LaSalle St., Lake Zurich, IL 60123 (at entrance to Lake Zurich) Illinois Board Game Store, 2201 N. Michigan Ave., Rockford Chicago, Ill 61001 (at front of building) The Illinas is set for release April 30 at $20 and the Illinois board game has a suggested retail price of $39.95.

Check out the Illinos Board Game Trailer here:

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