‘One Wheel Board’ could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on gas for residents in Arizona


A new company is trying to make a one-wheel board that can move people and objects like furniture and vehicles around a house and office.

The company called Home Bicycles has developed a product called the Wheel.

It’s a one piece, lightweight board that moves people and equipment like furniture, light fixtures, books, toys and more.

The Wheel is made of aluminum and is made in China.

The company says it will sell the product in stores and online in the United States this spring.

The Wheel has a three-wheel design that allows it to be used for both single and two wheelers.

The product is expected to go on sale in California and Florida in June.

Home Bikes founder Mark Davis said the company was able to sell out of the first batch of units and expects to be able to ship up to 3,000 Wheel units.

Davis said he is still working on pricing and marketing for the product.

The first Wheel prototype will have two wheels and is about 6 inches long.

It can also carry about 1,000 pounds of equipment and weighs about 50 pounds.

Home Bike has partnered with a company called St. Mary’s Industries to produce the Wheel and to supply it to customers.

The idea behind Home Bike is to use the Wheel as a “living wall” that can be attached to a building.

It would be used to move furniture or a chair around or around a room or office.

Davis said he expects to see the Wheel be used in homes as well as offices and apartments.

He said the Wheel could save thousands of money for homeowners who are already using one wheel and would also allow people to get rid of their old wheeled bicycles and get more exercise by using it to walk around or drive.

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