When your baby’s on the board game, you’re in trouble


The word “board” is often used to describe a board game but the words “board game” and “games” have a long history. 

One of the earliest uses of the term was by an early American newspaper publisher, John D. Rockefeller, in a February 1871 advertisement for a boardgame of cards. 

The game was called “Rockefeller Cards” and was published by The New York Times. 

In the ad, Rockefeller explained that the game was “a game for children, and it is the best of all games.” 

The term was quickly adopted by the American media and the boardgame industry. 

As more and more boards were made available, “board games” became a term that was applied to the games themselves rather than the board. 

By the mid-19th century, many of the board games available in stores were designed to play on two or three of these larger boards. 

Although the games were still played in many of their early years, by the 1930s they were starting to appear on more compact boards, allowing larger numbers of players to play. 

Some boards even had a number of games to choose from, making them easier to play with and allowing the player to quickly expand their collection. 

A variety of board games became available, and they all had different rules, including ones that allowed players to build a game board from pieces of cardboard, but they all included the word “Board” or “Board Game” in their name. 

Over time, more and different board games began to be made and marketed, which made it easier to find board games in stores. 

Board game companies would produce many different types of boardgames over the years, and a few of the companies that were popular at the time included: Kawasaki (1899), Kung Fu (1901), Pioneer Games (1904), Board Games for Kids (1908), Magic: The Gathering (1912), Futurama (1916), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (1918). 

In addition to the boardgames, board games also became a popular accessory for many children, from dolls to baby dolls. 

Many board games were designed for adults to play, with a variety of rules and play conditions. 

Players would play on the boards using different types and colors of pieces and pieces would be removed when they fell off. 

At the time, many children were playing with plastic, metal, or paper boards that were not sturdy enough for the types of games they were playing. 

Parents also began to purchase board games for their children. 

After World War I, the U.S. Army issued a variety and often pricey toys called “knee pads” to encourage the use of boards and other items. 

While the idea of having a game to play in was not new, the fact that the items were often expensive made board games a popular choice for children.

In fact, by World War II, the Army began to encourage children to play board games with their older siblings. 

Since the 1950s, there has been a steady decline in the number of children playing board games, but the number still remains high. 

There are still some board games that remain popular among children and adults, including board games like Monopoly, which are popular with parents and younger siblings, and Monopoly World, which is available on a variety the board and even in a box for use with an adult. 

If you would like to learn more about board games or are just looking for a new game to try, visit the following link:  Board Games for Adults

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