How a local tech startup has changed the way Americans watch news

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The Internet has become a major driver of news consumption, and the same is true of the TV industry.

But the way people access that information is changing.

In the new “news economy” created by Facebook and Twitter, the most important part of TV news is the news itself, not the personalities who produce it.

The result is a proliferation of alternative news sources and an increasing need for traditional news organizations to diversify their audiences.

“It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s certainly not going to be impossible,” said Dan Gartman, co-founder of the news-oriented venture news site Vox Media.

“If you’re going to have any hope of surviving the news cycle, you’ve got to have a news business.”

In a time when a major news network is owned by one of the country’s two largest broadcast conglomerates, Vox Media has the potential to be a big part of the story, said Evan Williams, the venture capital firm co-founded by Williams and his son, Matt.

Vox Media already operates its own newsroom in Austin, Texas, and is also looking for partners in other markets.

For example, it could make news by offering news and entertainment through its website,, which has been a regular home to viral videos, including the viral clip of a former Trump campaign adviser, Anthony Scaramucci, telling a group of reporters that the president is lying.

It has also been the site of some of the most contentious coverage of Trump’s presidency.

“We see the opportunity in the technology to get the whole picture,” Williams said. has launched its own social media platform, Voxs Daily, to stream news and other content from its newsroom.

Vox is also expanding into original content with a show called Vox Night, which focuses on stories from Vox Media’s other media outlets.

“This is really the first time we’ve really gotten into the business of news from a different angle,” said Brian Murphy, a former senior vice president at News Corp. News Corp.’s newspapers have always focused on what they consider to be their core business of selling newspapers.

Now, they’re exploring new sources for news and content, including online platforms.

Murphy said the company’s plan is to build a news platform that’s driven by its core business, as well as its “news content.”

“I think we’ve built this into the platform because we see this opportunity to build an ecosystem around news, news content, and then the business,” Murphy said.

For Vox, the biggest challenge is finding a way to make money in the new news economy.

News businesses have struggled to compete with digital video, which is increasingly consumed by consumers across the world.

The rise of video-on-demand services has created a huge opportunity for traditional newspapers.

In its most recent quarter, News Corp., which owns more than 2,300 newspapers across the U.S., reported revenue of $1.7 billion.

“Digital is going to drive a lot more than just news,” Murphy acknowledged.

“You’re going for people who are watching this on their TV or on their phone.

You’re going after people who watch this on the computer or the tablet.”

But the news industry faces a growing challenge to keep up with new digital video offerings and its digital advertising business, which relies on online advertising.

Vox has invested in news startups that focus on online video advertising.

It recently launched a $250 million deal with a company called Cheddar, a digital video ad company, to produce content and help advertisers create their own video ads.

Cheddar has a long history of investing in media companies.

Earlier this year, it spent $150 million to buy up the video startup Vox, which was founded by former CNN Chief Executive John Harwood and is the brainchild of former CNN President Michael Grunwald.

Harwood is a former CNN chief executive and CNN Media President.

Vox launched its digital video business in 2017 with a $1 million investment from a Silicon Valley venture capital fund, which also invested in a number of media companies including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and CNN.

Vox’s venture investments have included investments in YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Vox will continue to invest in news businesses that are creating the next big wave of media content, Murphy said, including creating a new “Vox Media” for television and a new media division that will focus on digital video.

“That’s our next phase,” he said.

“To do that, we need to build our brand and our team and get it up and running.”

For Vox Media, that means finding ways to diversified its audiences.

Murphy acknowledged that news consumers aren’t interested in traditional news as much as they are in news about the tech sector.

“They’re more interested in how it impacts their lives than it does the news,” he acknowledged.

He said Vox is exploring a number, including partnering with traditional news companies.

He also said Vox has a big idea for

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