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In the wake of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, there’s a lot of attention being paid to how the video game store scene is being impacted by the events.

In an effort to help educate the community on the issue, Candyland has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the shooting at their Orlando store.

According to a press release, the Candyland boardgame store is opening an online store on Monday to promote the store and help educate people about the shooting and the surrounding community.

According to the release, Candylands boardgame play sessions will be hosted by local police officers, with the goal of raising awareness for the victims and their families and the victims themselves.

A video from the store’s website includes the following message:”We want to help raise awareness for this senseless tragedy, and to do that we will host a Board Game Night for all of you, starting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 12th.

We will be open for all board game players, no matter where you live.

We are all in this together and will be there to help.

We hope you can come out to the store to play, and remember that no matter what, you are loved, cherished, and cherished by the people you love and care about the most.

Thank you!””

I am so proud to have such an incredible community come together and support us and help us make a difference,” Candyland’s owner and co-founder, Alex Rupp, said in the release.

“We are so proud of what we do, and we are going to do more for the community.”

According to the press release:”The goal of the Board Game night is to raise $10,000 for the Pulse shooting families and friends.

The first round of donations will go to the family of Sean Paul, who was the victim of the Orlando mass shooting.

Second round donations will also go to Sean’s family, the victims’ families, and the Orlando Police Department, as well as the victims in their families.

The third and final round of contributions will go directly to the victims of the nightclub attack, and they will also receive the proceeds from the game night.””

The Board Game Nights are a great way for the board gaming community to support a local charity,” CandyLand’s website reads.

“By bringing people together to play our games, we are making a difference and we hope you will come out and play one of our great games to help support the victims.

We would like to thank the Orlando Shooting Victims Fund, Orlando Police, and all the friends and families who were impacted by this tragedy.

Thank You!”

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